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Trade missions are a handy way for informed and proactive businesses to promote trade, especially when they crave foreign exploits. It provides companies participating in the mission the opportunity to showcase and promote their range of products and services. Trade missions might be short-termed and fast-tracked, but the intense benefits tied to them last for a long time. You will be meeting a lot of business enthusiasts like yourself who are also out for the same purpose. But what more does it offer your scaling business?


What are the short-term reasons to join trade missions?

Many businesses have wondered what value missions add to their company and whether they are effective. We’re almost certain you do, too! The burning questions left unanswered for many businesses, including how to leverage them for their expanding business, have made it impossible to explore the options. At NICCI, our goal is to help you crush some of those!

Missions may be within a country (inbound) or to another country (outbound). To maximize the benefits and all you stand to gain, you have to decide why you should join one. These reasons may be extended or short-term. So, what are the short-term reasons?

  • Connect with high-level officials

Once you register for any mission, you can meet with high-level officials, especially if it is a government-hosted one.

  • Connect with other companies with similar interests

You will be able to meet other executives from similar niches participating in the same trade mission. Because of the similarities in interest, you can make do of this opportunity to gather information like distribution routes, etc.

  • Receive real-time market updates

During a trade mission, you might be opportune to receive real-time market updates from experienced personnel in the local industries, law enforcers, international bodies, and other agencies. It will broaden your horizon on things that involve expanding your business to that country of your choice. You can also get first-hand experience in important locations that might be relevant. 

  • Access potential foreign buyers

You can gain access to an extensive network of foreign buyers, distributors, and agents. All of whom will be useful to your business’ growth.

  • Connect to networking opportunities

There will be opportunities to attend events organized solely for networking. It is a perfect opportunity for other relationships.


What are the advantages of joining trade missions to another county?

Some of the advantages attached to an outbound mission include:

  • A chance to get to know your competitors

Knowing your competitors will allow you to determine how your products or services can differentiate themselves from theirs. That puts you one foot ahead.

  • Access to critical information

Knowing your competitors in a new market will enable you to evaluate the difficulty of breaking into the market and your potential customer’s level of interest in your products.

  • Communicate your one-of-a-kind selling proposition

Once your competitors have been identified and analyzed, you get all you need to define and communicate what sets you apart from them. Of course, that way, you’d accrued all you need to garnish your unique selling point.

  • Prospecting with prospective customers

Acquiring new customers becomes more strategic after identifying your competitors. You go all out with clearly defined marketing strategies that can accomplish your goal.

  • Stand out by innovating

In short, for your international exploration to be successful, you must stand out from the competition. You get to provide new products or a better version of an existing product that solves problems in the market.


NICCI Trade Missions

The Nigerian Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, NICCI, is an expert in organizing and executing inbound and outbound missions. Our services assist your company in identifying and pursuing Targeted Trade Opportunities (TTOs), exploring new markets, and tracking international partnership opportunities.

If you are a Nigerian company looking to grow your business beyond Nigeria, NICCI is better equipped to provide you with the requirements to gain easy market entry. We also offer services to international companies interested in doing business with Nigerian companies.

The services NICCI will provide your international business include Trade information and Market intelligence, Contacts and introductions, Matchmaking services, and Logistical support. All of these will ensure your smooth ride in the Nigerian business terrain.


Final Thoughts

Trade mission can work wonders for your growing business. Riding on this opportunity to take your business to the next level should be your next point of call. Need further questions? Contact us, and let’s guide your business to success!