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Travelling to any part of the world for your business is one big dream for many. But to get the chance mean, you must have applied, attended, and passed a visa application process. Failing in your quest means no trip for you!


In this piece, we will hold you by the hand on how the pre and post-visa application goes, how to meet the requirements and the other things that are expected of you to have your application granted. Ready to travel the world to expand your business? Let’s roll!


How do you book a visa appointment for your trade mission?

To schedule an interview for a visa, you must first complete a form. The form is called DS-160. It is similar for locations like the U.K, U.S.A, Italy, etc. Then, submit them to the Embassy Visa Application Center of the country of your choice.

However, processing can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the kind of visa you’re applying for and the embassy’s workload.

How long is the wait for an interview for a visa?

Wait times for visa appointments can vary with each case. The number of applicants pending and the seasonal workload also determine how long the wait time might be. Most wait times are between 60 and 120 days, sometimes even longer.


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What to do to have a successful Visa Interview?

Before you go to your interview, take the time to prepare ahead of time so that when you go to the embassy, you will have no difficulty acing your visa application. During the interview: 


  • Make the best impression.

Making the best impression starts with being prepared and confident. Besides, you have to be calm, friendly, and courteous. You can do research and revise mock interview questions for better preparation. 


  • Provide precise and concise answers.

Always hit the nail and give a clear response. If you are unclear on any questions, you can always ask the interviewer to explain. Use your words carefully, and do not sound desperate or like a shady business person.


  • Go with a complete document.

You should go prepared and ensure you are with a complete set of documents like a recommendation letter, business proposals, etc. Not having the whole thing with you can portray you as unserious and put your interviewer off. Besides, provide them promptly as soon as the interviewer requests them.


NICCI can help with your visa application process.

A visa application is necessary for your business trips and should be appropriately planned. If you’re lost on how to have a stress-free process, then it’s time to contact us at NICCI. 


We will help you handle your visa application process and ensure your visa procurement to Italy, Indonesia, and Dubai in due time. In addition, we will provide recommendation letters for the UK and the US for either your business or leisure.


How to get started? Contact us and be a member of NICCI today! See how we can also help you Hit Your Highest Targets With The NICCI Business Intervention Scheme.

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